What Our Customers Think!

Thanks to Hummingbird Loans and Fat Money Loans, I got the help I needed fast. Whenever I have been in a bind, you’ve been there to help. I would recommend this company to anyone.
Kelly B.
It’s been an absolute joy to work with you for the loans I’ve procured over the past year. In my experience, you have shown a real humanitarian concern for me and you treat your customers like family.
Gail H.
I LOVE YOU GUYS! Valerie is empathetic and professional.
Hytheus B.
Thank you for the offer and yes we will take the loan for a $1000.00
It’s a pleasure doing business with Hummingbird Loans & Fat Money Loans.
Sam & Kathryn C.
Boy, I do Love you people. You care about you customers so much! Don I really want to thank you again. I needed a car and now I can go shop for one tomorrow.
Linda A.
Hummingbird Loans & Fat Money Loans is a good place to borrow money from!
Bonnie B.

Why Hummingbird Loans
is Better than The Rest?

At Hummingbird Loans our mission is to help our customers with their short-term cash needs. We all come up a little short of cash occasionally, and we understand there are gaps when we need a little help. We have compassion for our
customer’s situations and even though we are in business to make a profit we don’t believe in squeezing our customers for every dime we can get. We believe in being flexible with our customers and this is why our
customers keep coming back to us.

Hummingbird Loans

24/7 Hummingbird Loan Support

Hummingbird Loans in partnership with Fat Money Loans is the best online payday lender in the business. At Hummingbird Loans, we have the best rates and terms in the industry. Our simple application can be completed in a couple of minutes, and you will be preapproved within seconds of completing the application.

No Up-front Fee’s

At Hummingbird Loans, we don’t charge any up front fees or hidden application fees. You don’t have to pay us anything up front to get your loan. Our customers are valued and we appreciate your business. We truly look forward to a long-term relationship with you.

We Are Discreet

We understand that the only reason you’re looking for an Online Payday loan is because it’s not easy to get one from anyone else. If money was easy to come by, you could ask your friends or relatives. We are professionals and handle everything in a professional manner.

States & Laws

Depending upon your states laws, we have several different payment options available to you. Please click on our payment options page for more information. Where allowed, we offer Payday Loans, Installment Loans and Lines of Credit. Whatever is legal in your state.

We Understand

If money is really tight some payday, and you can’t afford to meet your payment obligation, just give us a call and we can work it out. Many of our customers call for extra help or an extension of time, and if you just give us a call we can get you the right Payday loan that you need when you need it.

Get the Money You Need Fast & Easy!

With Several Payday Lender Partners, You’ve Come to The Right Place.

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